Green Garden Gifts: December 1 … Motion-Activated Scarecrows

Green Garden Gifts … December 1st        Water Spraying Scarecrows

Motion activated, these garden guardians come alive to squirt a burst of water when they sense intruders are nearby.  Great for scaring away pesky animals, from birds to bunnies, cats, dogs, and even people, they offer a humane way to keep pests at a distance from your home-grown vegetables.  Battery operated, most will cover about a 1000 to 1900 square-foot area. Two that are easy to acquire:

* Contech Enterprises Inc. CRO101 Motion Activated Scarecrow … This ground-stake has a whimsical crow image, and when connected to a garden hose, will spray water for a few seconds when the trigger is motion activated, day and night.  You’ll need to supply the 9-volt battery.  Contech has in interesting line of products, from dog-watering spigots to insect traps. The ScareCrow is listed on now for  $48.99.

* Havahart, with a long-standing reputation for developing humane animal traps, offers the Havahart5266 Spray Away  motion-activated sprinkler animal deterrant, which has 9 different settings for targeting various animals.  Heat and motion are detected with infrared sensors.  This device is listed on now for $67.95.