Green Garden Gifts: December 4 … Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a favorite flowering bulb during the holiday season.  So much so that even local chain  stores  usually carry  an ample supply of a few basic varieties, as well as fragrant paperwhite narcissi; Meijers, for instance, was selling them for about $5 last weekend.  For a special treat, you can also order some spectacular varieties from Easy to Grow Bulbs.  The xize and condition of the bulbs is outstanding, and the assortment offered is broad.  Doubles, exotics and large types are listed.  This year, I’m looking for white-flowered  types, and have settled on the mildly fragrant Amputo, and the pristine double Snowdrift, which are listed for $12.95 each.  Large bulbs should be grown indoors in pots which will support the t0p-heavy growth of showy flowers on two-foot tall stalks,.. In about two months, amaryllis flowers bloom — a welcome sight in mid-winter.

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