Green Garden Gifts: December 16 … Greenery at Hillenmeyer’s at the Lansdowne Shops

If you’re anywhere near the Lansdowne shops, perhaps tasting a bit of free coffee at the Fresh Market, you’ll be tempted by the scent and sight of gorgeous fir trees, wreaths and other botanical delights at Louis Flower Power Shop, just a hop and skip across the parking lot at 3391 Tates Creek Road.  Joseph Hillenmeyer, who is heading-up the winter holiday program, not only has created a nativity scene complete with a live mother and baby donkey, but a fantastic selection of wreaths, outdoor  greenery (and red-ery).  The style is warm, yet sophisticated.  I love the snowperson-like greenery shapes sitting in urns, the dachshund statue with a red ornament-dangling collar, and the warm fire in their outdoor fireplace topped with a classic wreath.  The cut trees are very fresh, full and gorgeous.  What a treat!

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