Book Look: The Complete Gardener’s Guide from the Royal Horticultural Society

The Complete Gardener’s Guide:  Everything You Need to Know to Create and Care for Your Garden.  Simon Akenroyd, et al. Royal Horticultural Society; Dorling Kindersley Ltd.  448 pp $30.00

The Complete Gardener’s Guide introduces new gardeners to the specifics of what plants need: light, water, nutrition, healthy soil.  It then goes about showing how to provide these basic needs.  Starting with how to enrich the soil, composting, and where to place plants for maximum light exposure, the guide expands to a rather large and excellent chapter on how to design a garden. Beginning with making decisions on how you want to use your yard—for vegetable gardening, flowers and herbs, play areas, a storage shed, a water feature, or any combination of these — instructions on how to draw up a landscape plan are provided, as well as diagrams of sample gardens, ideas from which could easily be incorporated into one’s own yard.  Design problems such as sloped yards, creating boundaries and privacy screens, how to make a path, garden buildings, pergolas, and lighting are also discussed here. There are simple directions for erecting a fence, building a deck, laying a lawn, making a water feature, and raised beds.  You may want to replicate the vegetable garden design which is pictured on page 37, just for the sheer beauty of it.

When I began reading this book, I had to chuckle at … (click here to continue reading Linda Corridoni’s review)

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