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Momma’s Field of Dreams . . .

Momma was out in a field the other day, camera in hand, when a thought occurred about a point between being and nothingness, about what a person locked into today’s Kentucky lifestyle and 21st Century sensibilities recognizes in a pastoral scene where there is no object as a central focus.  Where’s the sign, building, person, animal, and what’s the point of that snapshot in time? Momma wonders if you’d say there is nothing in this photograph, in which case Momma rant-engine would rev up, and with apologies to Sartre for misuse of his title, and Andy Rooney for stealing some thunder, lock into high gear. Granted, this field is planted with grain, so apologies also to farmers who see a cultivated crop.

There is a real point here.  Stated straight away, it’s that “nothing”, in the form of open space,  is really something important…..    For the whole rant, CLICK HERE.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers … and …

Stormwater runoff.    So, what’s in your water?

No, I’m not talking about the sanitary sewer system with handles water that’s piped in and out of our homes.  Instead, this is about where rainwater goes after it falls in your yard.  As long as flooding isn’t a problem, it just seems to disappear.  Yet, stormwater runoff is the largest contributor to water quality problems in the U.S., carrying chemicals, litter, and waste along with it.  Unable to seep into the earth because the ground is paved over and impermeable. stormwater flows into creeks, or along storm sewer channels until it reaches a place where it can flush out away from developed areas.   With increased awareness, many homeowners have installed rainbarrels and rain gardens in the last few years, in an attmpt to use water more wisely.  The city is currently repairng and updating our stormwater sewer system after being sued by the EPA for violating Clean Water Act regulations; we’re paying the cost.

Still, with all the urban development, it’s almost impossible to notice the waterways which cross through, and some even under, Fayette County.  Are you aware of which watershed area you live in?  Or even that there are watersheds at all?  Click here to take a look at the “Find Your Watershed” map at  There is also some good news on the site: neighborhoods, churches, apaprtment complexes and other organizations may be able to apply for incentive grants for water quality improvement projects, so while you’re finding your watershed, also check out that announcement.   And join in to keep our environment a clean and safe place to live.

Flags & Flowers …

There is an undeniable dignity and decorum added to a garden setting when the Stars and Stripes of our flag is displayed.  This past month, as I traveled throughout towns in Central Kentucky, it was easy to collect photos which speak for themselves about posies and patriotism.  Happy 4th of July, Kentucky!