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Book Look: Italian Rustic

Outdoor garden rooms have become popular additions and make-over projects.  Here’s a lesson from Italy …

Italian Rustic by Elizabeth Helman Minchilli with Domenico Minchilli.   Artisan   226 pp  $35

This book is a visit to Italy, taken from your couch – just open a bottle of Pinot Grigio and bring the Tuscan charm into your own villa.

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Right Rose, Right Place

Master Gardener Book Look …

A rose is a rose is a rose…. but

Just how do you select the right one for your garden?

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Right Rose, Right Place

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The Ever-Blooming Garden: Book Look

The Ever-Blooming Flower Garden
A Blueprint for Continuous Color
Lee Schneller  
Storey Publishing – 217 pp  $19.95
 Your flower garden is all planted with your favorite plants.
They begin to bloom and are magnificent!  They keep blooming and suddenly there are no more flowers.  What happened?Author Lee Schneller has the answer! 
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The Pruning Book: A Master Gardener Book Look

Lee Reich’s newly revised and updated guide, The Pruning Book, can help you recognize the best time and technique for pruning your trees, shrubs and vines.  Master Gardener Rosemary Ewen’s review can be found by clicking HERE: The Pruning Book

The Encyclopedia of Herbs: A Master Gardener Book Look


The Encyclopedia of Herbs: A Comprehensive Reference to Herbs of Flavor Fragrance 

Arthur O. Tucker and Thomas Debaggio; Illustrations by Marjorie C. Leggitt

Timber Press  604 pages  $39.95
Wow!  Everything you ever wanted to know about herbs and a whole lot more.  To read the complete review, click HERE.

Carrots Love Tomatoes

Looking for ideas for starting a vegetable garden? Check out this Master Gardener Book Look at Louise Risotte’s Carrots Love Tomatoes by clicking HERE.